It’s the ultimate way to monitor competitors and innovation developments

Our new website is in development to launch Tripletracking© services to the Plastics, HVAC, Engines & Mechanical Parts, and Glass, Cement & Ceramics industries.

This unique product and service will be launched to the following industries shortly:

  • Agricultural & Forestry
  • Catering Industry Machinery
  • Chemical Industry Plant
  • Chemical Materials
  • Chemical Products
  • Civil Engineering Machinery
  • Electrical & Telecoms Equipment
  • Clothing & Footwear
  • Energy & Environment
  • Environmental Services
  • Handling, Storage Equipment
  • Machinery for Metalworking
  • Means of Transport.
  • Metal Pipework, Valves & Containers
  • Mining Plant & Equipment
  • Optical, Photographic Equipment
  • Packaging Machinery Equipment
  • Paper & Board Equipment
  • Printing, Office & Shop Equipment
  • Rubber & Plastics Industry Plant
  • Rubber Products
  • Textiles
  • Textiles & Shoemaking Equipment
  • Transportation
  • Woodworking Industry Equipment

You’re in the dark no longer!

TT1 Priority Daily News Clips

Our software continuously searches all the 90 plus digital channels and on-line trade publications which operate worldwide to compile news-clips which companies need to monitor so that they are no longer being confronted by the unexpected.

The range of topics and issues covered is almost infinite. Within each of these broad news concepts, which include Business, Environment, Technology, Security, Politics, Energy, Innovation, Transport, and more, subscribers can specify the issues which are important to the future of their company.

This list could include, known competitors and their senior management, chat room topics on Twitter and others, on-line trade media, geographical locations, tenders, sales recruitment by company, and so on!

To support subscribers our ‘News-Hounds’ will review the 20 search criteria in the initial setup and then review topics quarterly to ensure this vital intelligence reflects future needs are maintained. This news-clip service, including translation of foreign languages, will save incalculable man-hours and ensure the company management team are all in the know!

TT2 Monthly In-depth Reports

Tracking Innovation Adoption and New Manufacturing Processes is a long-awaited solution to monitoring competitors and innovation. Every aspect of industry is in constant change, presenting survival challenges, and conversely, opportunities. But where and what are they?

The future strategic planning by Directors has never faced such knowledge challenges. Relying on practical experience acquired just 3 or 4 years ago is probably obsolete, compared to the current digital ecological business world, which affects the survival of every sector of manufacturing.

In the manufacturing industry world the following 15 keywords can unlock access to vital knowledge in 30 industry sectors and hundreds of sub-sectors in the 74 countries covered by our frequently updated database: – Innovation, Products, New, Improvements, Performance, Markets, Sales, Clients, Customers, Price, Competitors, Engineered, Materials, Accreditation, Blogs. They unlock the present and future developments in every industry by providing an insight into the innovation and process implementation of millions of businesses around the world. Such collective intelligence and applied business strategy represent billions in financial investment. Also, where financial results are filed, we analyse these competitor companies into 10 turnover sub-segments. We provide access to all that strategic knowledge which can be in any sector and country.

TT3 Future Innovation Insights

The Monthly In-depth Reports can tell you what developments are being adopted by competitors, but in this fast-changing ecosystem it is equally important to know how new innovations are potentially going to impact on every aspect of a company, from product obsolescence, supply chain disruption, customers expectations, and current cost/profit structures.

It is not as simple as tracking developments in your sector, as there are endless examples of new innovations in one sector being cross-industry adopted. It is therefore a time-consuming challenge to review the hundreds of innovations which are released every year to stay ahead of competitors, which can also present unexpected new opportunities.

To resolve this dilemma our team of international researchers monitor all the top universities and leading technical journals for filed papers which are the ‘seeds’ of imminent innovations.

This information covers 26 industry sectors and is presented with a concise 30/40 word summary, if further information is required every innovation has a 350 word review, together with details of the originating organisation.

Every month approximately 60 new innovations will be added to the 26 sectors. It is important to note that adopting innovations does not mean that all existing processes and materials must be replaced, often an incremental development will produce important improvements which could impact on the bottom-line.

If you have a question or would like to be informed as this service continues to be rolled-out, please complete the information below.

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