Filling the Innovation Knowledge Gap for UK businesses

Innovation and its successful adoption have always been the keys to developing and maintaining a competitive advantage. Whether it’s new products or new ways of doing things, creating and adopting innovative ideas offers businesses and brands the opportunity to stay ahead.

Six months that changed the world

In February 2020, The Manufacturer’s Annual Manufacturing Report suggested the UK Manufacturing sector was bullish and open to innovation:

94% of UK Manufacturers are developing their business models in new ways to deliver growth

84% view a carbon neutral ‘net zero’ future and climate change as an opportunity for growth through transformation

Fast forward four months and the British Chambers of Commerce Quarterly Review Outlook for Q2 2020 paints a much bleaker picture. Businesses fighting for their survival through the pandemic and the impact of Lockdown on their people and the economy.

Cutting costs is not enough

Part of business survival and profitable growth has always been the process of considering and implementing ways to deliver more with less. As businesses look to recover in the second half of 2020 and plan for the UK’s new relationship with Europe, this remains foremost for many business leaders. But just cutting costs and shaving head count is not enough to transform an organisation, this requires new ideas and innovation.

The Innovation Knowledge Gap is real and growing

Concepts such as ‘Frugal Innovation’ are rising in popularity and the pace of innovation development and the speed to market is constantly increasing. With global trading meaning competition can spring up anywhere, it’s a challenge for businesses to remain aware of what’s happening in their own sectors and market, yet alone the rest of the world.

Yet with developments in one area now leading to new ideas in another, having this broader view of the ‘world of innovation’ is now more crucial than ever. But how can this be achieved without employing a team of analysts constantly scouring the world’s new patents, white papers and media releases? Then how do you make sense of this mountain of data and use it to your advantage?

Step forward Corporate Intelligence

Corporate Intelligence has created two products that can:

  • Fill this innovation knowledge gap
  • Alert businesses to:
    • Competitor activity deploying identified innovations and
    • Highlight opportunities for export and expansion into other markets

CI 1: Innovation Briefings

Corporate Intelligence has identified 26 key global sectors and pulled together a team of analysts to monitor innovation developments each month.

Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Materials


Artificial Intelligence

Automation Robotics

Battery Technology

Bioscience & Biotech



Creative/ Design


Defence & Security






Internet of Things




Quantum Technology

Retail Technology


Sustainability & Resources


Corporate Intelligence clients will receive 75+ briefing documents each month outlining innovations in the 26 sectors. As time and limited resources are major business constraints, these briefings are delivered in bite sized chunks to enable each business leader to understand what is happening and decide whether it’s relevant to them.

CI 2: Competitor and Market Analysis and Tracking (coming soon)

  • For every innovation a Corporate Intelligence client identifies as relevant to their business, the Corporate Intelligence team will monitor its potential adoption amongst their known and potential competitors globally (based on industry classifications) every quarter and deliver a report on this activity
  • Not only will these reports expand your competitor knowledge enabling you to be more proactive, they will highlight opportunities for development as they help identify market gaps (including export potential)

From Concept to Reality: Innovation Commercialisation

Once you have the idea/ innovation and know what you want to do, the next challenge is turning it into commercial reality. This is never easy but help is at hand.

Corporate Intelligence has partnered with CPI, part of the UK’s Catapult Network. Their expertise is bringing ideas to life, whether they’re products or processes, with over 450 scientists, engineers and business specialists available to support your initiative. CPI also has access to grant funding; often an essential ingredient when taking ideas from concept to actuality.

What makes these services essential?

  • Know what’s happening in your sector within minutes each month
  • Quickly understand new innovations that could disrupt or advance your business
  • Track innovation development, learn who’s doing what and where opportunities exist
  • No trawling thousands of data sources, everything in one place

Why wait, contact Corporate Intelligence now and gain a head start on your competitors

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